Mobile podiums

Brings your exhibition or product display into life.

The mobile podiums are beautiful robotic platforms that are designed to carry and display any objects. The purpose is to catch people's attention by moving the object around a room and to show it from different point of views.

The podiums were originally developed to display Eero Aarnio's furniture in Helsinki Design Museum during the summer of 2016. Today, you can see the Podiums live in Stockholm!

Concept Development and Design: Ville Kokkonen, Florencia Colombo.

In the default operational mode the podiums move in a random trajectories, avoiding obstacles. The obstacle detection is based on a laser range finder that sees the surroundings up to 6 meters away. The robot works in low speeds so it can be used in very crowded areas as well.

Another operational mode is pre-defined trajectories. It can for example be programmed to move from the kitchen to a conference room to deliver drinks autonomously, or to move in a circular path around a conference center, carrying product samples.

The podiums can also be tailored based on customer requests.

Please contact us for pricing and demos.