Robotics R&D Services

Name a task, we'll deliver an autonomous solution. Land, air or sea.

We are experts in all subsystems related to mobile robotics, including positioning, mapping, navigation, environment perception, mechatronics and situational awareness. We have decades of experience in integrating such functions to existing machines. We also build complete robots from scratch.

Self-driving vehicles

GIM is developing autonomous navigation technologies together with its sister company Sensible 4 that focuses on road applications. S4 is piloting autonomous driving in the difficult weather conditions of Finland.

Read more on Sensible 4 website

Service models

We have multiple service models to satisfy your needs.

  1. 1. We collaborate with your R&D engineers to develop positioning, situational awareness and sensor fusion solutions.
  2. 2. We deliver a software component to your system. We integrate software and are willing to help in the whole system design.
  3. 3. We deliver a complete sensor system with hardware and software. We integrate the system to vehicle control system.
  4. 4. We deliver a complete autonomous mobile robot, customized to your needs. We integrate the robot to your fleet management or warehouse management system.

With a new customer, we typically start with a proof of concept or integration project, followed by a larger research or product development project.