Robotics R&D Services

Name a task, we'll deliver an autonomous solution. Land, air or sea.

We are experts in all subsystems related to mobile robotics, including positioning, mapping, navigation, environment perception, mechatronics design and artificial intelligence. Furthermore, we have decades of experience in integrating autonomous functions to existing machines.

Our service model is typically R&D consulting, proof of concept or product development. Our services are competitively priced. Also, for your most urgent needs, we have the agility to start a new project in a matter of days.

Case: Neofit

GIM in partnership with Neofit created a complete full-body 3D scanning system. This involved user interface, algorithm and machine learning software development. The scanner was GIM's first R&D project to reach the market.

Read more on Neofit website

Case: Artificial turf maintenance

GIM is designing a complete robot to be used in artificial turf maintenance. The robot is able to position itself on a football field, plan an optimal route, avoid obstacles and return to charging station. The robot above is our research platform G/01 performing an autonomous navigation demonstration.

Case: Security robot

GIM is developing navigation and perception for an a outdoor patrolling robot. The product is developed for the Chinese market.